DIY Glitter Brush Holder Tutorial


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diy glitter brush holder tutorial

I have a little confession… I’m in love with glitter!!  It has been so fun making projects with glitter and these were no exception!  I’d thought I’d share this DIY glitter brush holder tutorial that anyone can do!!  There are an endless possibilities of how you can design these cheap glass votives and they can be used for so many things.  My daughter and I are using these to hold our makeup accessories.  Ready to get started???  Here we go!

Materials for DIY Glitter Glass Votive

diy glitter glass votive

DIY Glitter Brush Holder Tutorial

This is similar to my post on the Halloween Glitter wine glasses that you can check out by clicking here.  Start by applying Mod Podge to the inside of the glass votive with a foam brush.

diy glitter glass tutorial

When it’s completely covered pour the glitter in while you rotate the votive around.  You don’t need to add a lot.  Sprinkle it in while you rotate then stop adding glitter and keep rotating so the glitter comes all the way down to the end of the glass.  Rotate until all the glue is covered by glitter.

glitter glass diy glitter mug

Dump the left over glitter back into the glitter container so you don’t waste!

glitter cup tutorial


Let it dry overnight.  Then use a dry bristle brush and act like you’re painting with it.  This will loosen and take off the extra glitter that didn’t glue down so that it doesn’t gunk up your foam brush.

diy glitter brush holder tutorial


Then you’re going to add another layer of Mod Podge right over the glitter and repeat adding the glitter and rotating the glass around to cover it all up.mod podge glitter cup

Let the second layer dry overnight again.  If you are satisfied with how it looks, continue onto adding the triple thick.  If not, add another glitter layer repeating the same steps.  I added 3 layers to both of my votives.

Once your layers are dry, add Triple Thick over the glitter just like you did with the mod podge.  This seals it all in.

triple thick glitter mug


Now you’re onto decorating!!  Like I said before, I cut all my vinyl with  my Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine.  A quick tip when cutting small words out of vinyl.  My first cut looked like this – some of the letters were pretty messed up.cricut explore tip

That usually means the blade is getting dull.  Want an easy fix????  Take some foil and ball it up.  Take your blade carriage out, push the end so the blade is stuck out, and jab it in the foil a few times.  This sharpens it right up!!  Stick it back in and cut again!cricut blade dull


You’re in luck!  I have another great tip for cutting small words with vinyl – do reverse weeding!!  Lay your transfer paper on top of the un-weeded vinyl and press down with a Cricut Tools Scraper.  Then slowly start pulling the transfer paper up.  The words will be stuck in place on your transfer paper!

reverse weeding vinyl reverse weeding cricut vinyl

Weed the rest of the spare vinyl with your Cricut Weeder.

reverse vinyl weeding


Now you’re ready to attach the vinyl!  Make sure you clean off your glass with rubbing alcohol and let dry.  Then align your vinyl, lay it down, and stick it on by rubbing your finger all over it.  If it’s wrapping a lot, it’s easy to cut some slits on the side of the transfer paper so you can lay it down flat.  For applying with the hinge method, click here to read my tutorial.  Slowly pull off the transfer paper, and you’re done!!

applying vinyl to glass applying vinyl to curved surface


Take a look at the finished products!  I put some marbles in them to make brushes stand up a bit.  You could also add sand.  These would make a great gift for teenage girls or for bridesmaids gifts or housewarming, almost anything!!  I made 12 of these for my daughter’s 13th birthday party favors with everyone’s name on it.  Check out my post about it here!

diy glitter brush holder

diy glitter mug tutorial               diy glitter brush holder tutorial

What saying would you add to one??  Let me know if you make one, I’d love to see how it came out!!

diy glitter brush holder tutorial


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